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Donations and Sponsorship

To give donations to the 20th Anniversary Celebration Fund

  • The 20th Anniversary Celebration Fund ("the Fund") has been set up to receive monetary donations, which will be used to support major celebration events organised or co-organised by the Government as well as district-based celebration activities. A donation to the Fund is a gift without consideration or condition attached as to how the donation will be used. In the unlikely event that there is any unspent balance in the Fund, such balance will be credited to the General Revenue Account of the HKSAR Government.
  • Donations to the 20th Anniversary Celebration Fund should be made by cheque or cashier's order issued by a licensed bank (payable to "The Government of the HKSAR", and indicating "For the 20th Anniversary Celebrations" at the back), together with the duly completed donation form, and sent to the Celebrations Coordination Office, Room 1801, 18/F, AIA Tower, 183 Electric Road, North Point, Hong Kong (Attn: Miss Karen Sin, Senior Executive Officer (Celebrations Coordination Office)1) (tel: 3521 0052;
Donation form
  • The Celebrations Coordination Office will issue official receipts to the donors.  Donations to the Fund qualify as approved donations under section 2 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance.  A tax deduction is allowable to any person who has made approved charitable donations aggregating $100 or more in a year of assessment, subject to a 35% ceiling of the donor's net assessable income or profits.  To facilitate claiming of tax deduction, donors are advised to keep the official receipts issued by the Celebrations Coordination Office.  More information on tax deduction is contained in -

To sponsor specific major celebration event(s)

  • A sponsorship is distinguished from a donation to the Fund. A sponsorship is typically in the form of provision of funding support with a consideration or condition (such as naming right of a specific event organised or co-organised by the Government).
  • If any individual or organisation is interested in sponsoring any specific major celebration event (such as cultural and sports events, major exhibitions and international conferences to be organised or co-organised by a Government Bureau or Department), the Celebrations Coordination Office, together with the concerned Bureau and Department, will discuss with the interested party on possible sponsorship arrangements.
  • A number of major celebration events to be organised or co-organised by the Government are being prepared. For more details, please contact Ms Emily Leung, Senior Executive Officer (Celebrations Coordination Office)4 (tel: 3521 0014; email: 
  • As a sponsorship does not qualify as an approved charitable donation under section 2 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance, the sponsor will not enjoy tax deduction for the sponsorship offered.