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Accreditation of Celebration Events

Accreditation of Community-organised Events for the Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Establishment of the HKSAR


To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the HKSAR in 2017, the Government will organise a series of celebration events in Hong Kong, the Mainland and overseas. Community bodies, district organisations and non-government organisations are encouraged to organise celebration activities on their own so as to provide more opportunities for participation by the public, to enhance the festive atmosphere. Celebration events which fulfill the criteria set out in paragraphs 3 and 4 below may apply for accreditation for inclusion in the official Events Calendar for the 20th Anniversary Celebration.

Accredited events

2. Due recognition will be given to events which are accredited, as follows –

  1. the events will be included in the official Events Calendar and website; and
  2. the event organisers will be allowed to use the official logo (please refer to the Guidelines on the use of the logo here), the creative visuals (please refer to Guidelines on the use of the creative visuals here) and the official promotion video for publicising their events.
    Guidelines on the use of the official logo
    Guidelines on the use of the creative visuals

Applicant bodies

3. Applicants should be a body registered under the Companies Ordinance (Cap.622), Societies Ordinance (Cap. 151), Building Management Ordinance (Cap. 344) or other ordinances, or a reputable organisation generally recognised by the Government.

Nature of proposed activity

4. The proposed event should meet the following requirements –

  1. the theme of the event is for the celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the establishment of the HKSAR;
  2. the event is open to the public and of a reasonable scale (e.g. with 200 or more participants for a district event);
  3. the event is non-profit making in nature;
  4. the event is held within 2017; and
  5. the event will not generate insurmountable problems in traffic and crowd management.

Method of application

5. Please complete the application form and provide it to the Celebrations Coordination Office by mail, fax or email -

  • Address: Celebrations Coordination Office
  • Room 1801, 18/F, AIA Tower
  • 183 Electric Road, North Point, Hong Kong
  • Fax: 3521 0047
  • Email:
  • Tel: 3521 0053 / 3521 0131
Application form

Application results

6. Applicants will be informed of the results as soon as possible after receipt of the applications. The Celebrations Coordination Office will have full discretion in deciding whether a proposed event should be accredited.

Public liability and accident insurance

7. Applicants are responsible for the safety of participants and any accident or legal consequences arising from their event. Applicants are recommended to take out public liability insurance and accident insurance for their activities.